3D Design

With our ability to create simple to highly detailed 3D models, you are able to visualize your project before the first shovelful of dirt is even moved. This helps your understanding of tough design areas and can help avoid costly changes while building that may be hard to understand when only looking at plans.

We provide the following 3D design services: 3D Renderings, 3D Panoramics, 3D Walk-Throughs, and Sun Studies. Each of these services will help you visualize your project and help you gain a better understanding of your project. They are available in various viewing styles such as line drawings, shaded black and white, textured black and white, basic color, and full textured. Each style provides a different level of detail and the style best suited for your project can be selected during the design process.

3D Renderings

This services provides a single point of view perspective.  It is a still image that can be used for display, marketing, or review of a particular area in the project.

3D Panoramic

By viewing this 3D design service on a number of mobile devices through a free app, you can move the device around as if you are standing at a point in a room and looking around it.  The view on the screen changes as you move your device up, down, left, and right.  This allows you to study the area from that point of view and make design decisions that may have been very difficult to make by only looking at a set of plans..

3D Walk-Throughs

You can click the play button and watch a video of your project as the camera moves to show you the new spaces.  This guided tour shows you how you would experience walking through your project.

Sun Studies

It is important to understand how the orientation of your house, the location of windows and doors, and the layout of the house effect how the sun will light it.  By doing a sun study, you are able to see a quick video of how the sun’s light will shine on your house on a particular day, season, or even a whole year.  This effective tool helps you make decisions on how to best use the sun for your house by either providing more light to some areas or adding in shading from the sun in others.